ELIQUATE – NEW COUNTRY by theplaceforthings.com



Raise your hand if you’ve heard of the California Indie band Eliquate. No one? Me either, until I caught wind of their jam “New Country” off their album entitled; ‘A Chalkboard’s War’.

The first thing that came to mind when Elliot Wright (Vocals) began rhyming was that he had a similar feel & flow to that of Atmosphere. Supplementin the live instrumentation from Jamie Schnetzler (Guitar), Cosmo Stevens (Bass), & Dan Wells (Drums) and you find yourself lost in a very groovy & melodic sound that’s reminiscent of the Nashville band – The Lonely Biscuits.

If you take the time to listen & concentrate on the lyrics to “New Country”, you’ll hear that Eliquate’s truly trying to convey a deep & powerful message to not only our youth, but to the older generations as well.

It’s important for us to respect those who fought for us to enjoy the freedoms that we often, unconsciously, take for granted. Yet, it is dually important for the older generations to try & accept the contrasting elements between the two.

The overall theme of this record goes hand in hand with the visual itself & is filmed, directed, & edited excellently by Michael Daniel from Ocean House Production.


Directed By Michael Daniel