The Chalkboard’s Tour


Well, after a few months of recovery Eliquate has hit the road once more for another West Coast Tour. Although we might not be doing the whole nation again, if last night was any indication of the things to come it should still be as rowdy as ever. We arrived in Santa Barbara mid day and started off with a few rounds of football in the park before meeting up with the guys who were letting us play their house, who without knowing us had agreed to let us have a show there with our good friends and awesome band Magic Bronson. After a quick set up The Bronson bravely hopped on stage to about 10 people, but once the audible ear butter started to spill forth party goers filtered in from all directions. When we got on stage the crowd was thoroughly amped up from Magic Bronson, and after a few songs it seemed like this would be a night for the record books. However, before the energy was able to reach its crescendo the cops showed up because of a complaint(wack). The night wasn’t a total loss, for in a true display of 2013 pop culture one of the cops threw his hands in the air, linked two sets of two fingers together and yelled, HASH TAG #ROCKEDIT. After cleaning up the gear and an 8 minute freestyle marathon by the bus with Elliot and a talented Isla Vista party goer, we piled back on and crashed. Thank you to our hosts, and thank you Santa Barbara, we didn’t get to finish our set, so you know we’ll be back.

Come out and see us tonight at the M Bar in Hollywood with Magic Bronson, doors at 10:30.


After a typical rough wake up in Isla Vista, we made our way to LA to get ready for our show that night with Magic Bronson. Despite a slight mix up with the venue, we were still able to play our show to a bunch of old friends and new fans. The M Bar was an awesome venue and playing with Magic Bronson was a blast as usual. The High Drive ended the night on the note that their name suggests and we rounded out the evening on the bus, as usual.
Today we make our way to San Diego to play the South Bay Lounge. Shows at 10:30 p.m. Do it


The good news is last night’s show at the South Bay Lounge in San Diego was a grand old time, the bad news is non existent since we are on tour having a blast with our best friends and music lovers up and down the west coast(although we have been having a few minor issues starting up the bus). Mc Seven put on an awesome show with a lot of great talent from the apparently thriving hip-hop scene in Imperial Beach and we are very thankful they let us join their family affair for the night. After some much needed R and R and beach time in San Diego we are currently on the bus heading back home towards Santa Cruz for a few days off before the longer leg of the tour.


Point Arena is fast becoming a second home for us, so it only seemed fitting to kick off the second leg of our tour with a show at 215 Main. As usual our good friend pro and all those involved with the  Grace Project welcomed us with open arms and some slick T-Shirts they made in honor of the charity run takin place the following day. After getting treated to some gourmet cheddar reduction burgers from another generous point arena business owner, it was time for the show. Radioactive kicked off the night with a few freestyles and then Magic Bronson took the stage. As usual the crowd at 215 main came to dance and they were not disappointed by Magic Bronson’s movement inspiring sounds. After our set we spent the night catching up with friends and drinking the venue out of a few different kegs before once again piling back on the bus.

Tonight we are playing a house party in Chico at 713 6th street, if you’re in the area come check it out.


Well, we missed the 5k. In our defense we were promised a wake up knock on the bus that never came and we got a tad bit lost on the way there. Although we didn’t arrive in time to run, we were there in time to watch all the awesome supporters of the Grace Project including Grace herself cross the finish line. After grabbing some breakfast and saying goodbye to the Point Arena family we got back on the road to Chico. Dan navigated the winding treacherous mountains roads like a champion while we all clung to our seats and calculated the odds of us surviving our bus careening off the mountain.  Once we made it to town all of us were ready for a night of live music and mischief and as usual the lovely people of Chico did not disappoint. The music started at 9 and continued until around 3:30am consisting of  MoonCat,  Magic Bronson,  and of course, yours truly. We’re planning on attending Dante’s Sinferno for a night of fun on our day off tomorrow in Portland. Stay tuned for more updates and if you’re in the area come to our show at The Goodfoot at 9:30 on Monday.


Although we would have loved to stick around in Chico for another day, we had to hit the road bright and early after a long night to make the 12 hour charge to Portland.  A lot of pit stops and driving later, we arrived downtown and met up with a few friends to check out Deschutes brewery and get involved in some shenanigans.

Tonight we will be play at The Goodfoot around 9:30, come check us out along with some other great local musicians.


The Portland nights are cold, but no match for seven dudes piled on a bus after a night enjoying food trucks and Bud Light. There’s something about Portland that makes waking next to a dumpster crawling with rats on your 24ft school bus weirdly “Hip” instead of depressing. After annoying the locals for the day we made it over to The Goodfoot for our set. We played right after the Horny Robot who was just as electrifying as his name implies, and had a fun 20 minutes playing a half acoustic half out of tune set. Admittedly, we were upstaged by the band after us, but we really never had a chance considering the lead singer of Spiritual  Pornography was draped in an American flag, and closed the set with “Suck Our Dicks”

Tonight we play The 2Bit Saloon in Seattle, Washington look for the painted bus.

Day off Seattle:

Waking up in Seattle to the cold northwest morning dew was made much warmer by a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs at our friend Jeanne’s house. After breakfast it was off to explore the city and hand out some demos. having the day off to spend downtown enabled us to realize what a great city Seattle is. Around 4, after another round of bus sandwiches, our good friend Chance Random opened the doors to his studio and composed a beat for Elliot to rap to. If you would like to hear said beat it will be on soundcloud later this week under the title “grown up components.” Today we are off to University of Washington to play Phi Delt and hopefully earn enough money to make it to Pullman, and possibly home.

Spent the day off in Seattle showering at a Friends house and walking around downtown. Spent the night hanging out slash making a track with Chance Random( at his place.


Due to a few unforeseen cancellations on our tour we ended up in Santa Cruz a day earlier than planned.  Although it was a bummer to miss out on those last two shows, the blow was lessened by the fact that we made it back in time to play an awesome Harvest party in a barn in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It felt right ending our tour with friends and fans who have been around since the beginning. Although we were smelly and tired, we rounded out the tour staying up late, drinking beer, and playing music with our good friends Boostive and others.

Our next show in town will be for free at the Catalyst for Halloween. Hope to see you all there dressed to impress.