New Country Video Feature on

Eliquate is a live indie / hip hop group based out of Santa Cruz, California. The video is for the song “New Country”, which has a funny/creepy Bad Grandpa/The Town type vibe. This is dope because it’s a band with a rapper/singer, live instruments and Hip Hop always sounds good. They have a drummer, bass player, MC and […]

Eliquate To Release New EP Patchworks 3 This Summer by Mind Equals Blown

Eliquate To Release New EP Patchworks 3 This Summer 05/01/2014 | by Joe Ballard | in News – LINK TO URL The Scoop: California indie/alt-hip-hip outfit Eliquate have revealed that they are currently working on their new EP, to be titled Patchworks 3, and that it will be released this summer. Stay tuned as we’ll bring you more information […]

Eliquate – “Elliot is Untitled” feature on Boogie Board Productions

Eliquate is a live indie / hip hop group based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Simply put they are comprised of Elliot Wright(Emcee), Jamie Schnetzler(Guitar), Cosmo Stevens(Bass), and Dan Wells(Drums). Once they get on stage however, no one stays put and nothing stays simple for long. The band blends the live […]

Eliquate: The Sound of Satirical Swag

Santa Cruz Patch By Jessica Schlegemilch Aside from having great lyrics that are thought-provoking and relatable, what makes the Santa Cruz band Eliquate so unique is its sound. Each member of the Santa Cruz local group takes influence from artists from all kinds of backgrounds. Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Murphy’s […]