Nov. 22nd Eliquate / Magic Bronson / Olright / Rubberlegs & Pat Messy / Emile Carson at The Catalyst Club-Atrium


ELIQUATE Headlining in The Catalyst Atrium

Openers: Magic Bronson, Olright, RubberLegs, Sounds From the Cave, Emile(Dope!Sick Beats)

Date: November 22, 2014

Location: The Catalyst(Atrium Stage)

Doors: 8:00pm

Show: 8:30pm

Cost: 8$ presale 12$ at the door

Eliquate returns to The Catalyst Atrium to play their first show in Santa Cruz since June, they will be joined by LA Synth-pop up and comers Magic Bronson, as well as local acts Olright, Rubberlegs, Sounds From the Cave, and Emile Carson.  Come out to the Atrium and get weird.



Eliquate is a live indie/hip-hop group based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Simply put they are comprised of Elliot Wright (Emcee), Jamie Schnetzler (Guitar), Cosmo Stevens (Bass), and Dan Wells (Drums). Once they get on stage however, no one stays put and nothing stays simple for long. The band blends the live instrumentation and DIY energy of an old school punk show with the clever samples and passionate connection of an intimate Hip-Hop set.

Whether you like to think, dance, or just watch, this spectacle leaves the night open for your interpretation. Blending Hip-Hop production and ethics with the high energy of an amped-up rock show, the group turns any venue into an engaging and intelligent party.

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Magic Bronson

Drawing on a large cache of influences and genres that vary from the pounding kick drum of hip hop to the fuzzed-out bass of punk rock, Magic Bronson bridges the gap with a fresh sound. Between Matthew Lieberman’s live bass and Michael Nicastro’s expressive, raspy, and sexy voice, Magic Bronson creates a sound that stands out amongst today’s garden variety dance and electronic music. Frontman Michael Nicastro is a commanding presence at 6′ 6”; with long hair whipping across his face, Nicastro is constantly in motion with his unwavering energy fueling the audience’s frenzy. You’ll find Nicastro banging an electronic drum kit, looping effects, and singing his heart out through an array of reverb, delay, and echo. No slouch himself, Lieberman holds down a steady pulse and beat while jumping, twisting, and flailing about. You know it’s been a successful show when Lieberman is drenched in sweat and grinning from ear to ear. Lieberman and Nicastro write all their own music; recording and producing it at their clandestine and, truth be told, borderline-seedy lab/hideout located somewhere in Los Angeles. Following the release of their Nor’easter EP in May 2013 (which spent five weeks on the CMJ Top 200 charts and landed the band a showcase at the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon) the duo set their sights on making a full-length record. Armed with enough demo material for a double album, they left the noise, and the smog, and the traffic of LA behind, and headed up to a small town in Northern California. For two weeks they holed up in a vintage studio two miles in the woods, surrounded by towering Redwoods and Firs. There, they turned their demos into the ten tracks that make up their debut full-length record, aptly named “Wildlife,” due for release November 4th via War Cry Records.


Oliver Whitcroft AKA Olright is an up and coming Santa Cruz based DJ/Producer

Rubber Legs

Rubber Legs is a Santa Cruz born San Francisco based producer an Emcee.  His most recent project was Up Late, a collaborative concept piece showcasing the talents of Ghost Hour as producer, DJ Hersh on the turntables and as co-arranger, and myself as MC and arranger. It was a piece made out of necessity, narrating amongst other things my musical influences, ideas on work ethic, relationships, observations of time and the seasons, and love for the creative process; what it unravels spiritually, mentally, and physically.” Up Late is available here,