Jan 6th, 2014: No Bird Sing w/ Elliot Wright & Snackone, Hella Deer, Olright, Multiple Organisms and Wisecrack the Scribe

No Bird Sing is on tour from Minneapolis on their “Definition Sickness Tour”. We want to show them Santa Cruz. What better way than to give them a hip-hop show at The Blue Lagoon? Monday night? Who cares?! Come out to see a solid showcase of some of the hip-hop acts we have been working with in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area.

NBS_SC (2)
The Blue Lagoon

NO BIRD SING (Minneapolis, MN)
Minneapolis-based 3 piece hip-hop band NO BIRD SING has recently signed to STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS. Their new album, “DEFINITION SICKNESS,” debuted worldwide on NOVEMBER 12, 2013…

Elliot Wright & Snackone (Santa Cruz)
Eliquate “DJ Set”

Hella Deer (Santa Cruz/Bay Area)
Bay Area/Santa Cruz based Conscious Hip-Hop group obsessed with hidden messages and staying relevant.

Multiple Organisms (Bay Area)
A five piece experimental hip hop group, the Organisms bring together a mixture of musical tastes and styles to create a sound all their own. Skeptik and Nic Classic write the rhymes, Scott dominates the bass spectrum, Jordan fills in the gaps with funky guitar, and Malcolm ties it all together with tight and concise drumbeats. Creatures from another world, we’ll continue to mutate for as long as they let us….

Olright (Santa Cruz)

Wisecrack the Scribe (Berkeley)
A creative Bay Area artist with a charming sense of humor, Wisecrack The Scribe is a talented emcee who answers life’s riddles in the most unique way.