New York Rock Exchange: Independent Music Collection


For the first time ever, these 12 bands are offering you a chance to own what no fan has owned before.
A piece of their music.
Band: Eliquate
Song: Stanley Yelnats
Home: Santa Cruz, CA

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Own a Piece of a Song

When you buy a Songshare on the New York Rock Exchange, you get more than a copy or download of the song—you become an official co-owner of the music! For complete details on ownership rights and limitations, please read the Terms and Conditions.

You’ve always said “That’s my song!” The New York Rock Exchange makes it official!

Be a Part of it All

As a shareholder you get exclusive access to a series of online video chats with each of 12 bands in the Independent Music Collection. These online meetings—which are open ONLY to shareholders–will allow you meet the artists, learn the stories behind the music, and spend quality time with some of the hottest emerging bands on the planet.

Support Independent Music

Every Songshare includes a copy of the official Independent Music Collection compilation album, featuring songs from 12 of the best emerging artists in music. Proceeds from each share go to the band, meaning there’s never been a better way to support independent artists, and GET IN EARLY on the next big thing!

Only 100 shares available!
Each Share Includes:
  • Copyright assignment making you part owner of the song*
  • Individually numbered, foil-embossed certificate of ownership
  • Invitation to join EXCLUSIVE online shareholder meetings
  • CD + MP3 download of the Independent Music Collection compilation album