February Update

February 2014 

February is going to be a busy month for Eliquate, so I apologize in advance if we seem a little scrambled. First off, we are proud to announce that the video for New Country is finally complete and available for viewing on YouTube. Big thanks to Michael Daniel and Ocean House Productions, as well as Prometheus Glover of War Cry Records for helping us make a piece of golfing history. In addition we are also excited to announce our Accost of Austin tour, so much so we ignored the fact that we leave in march, not February! Basically our voyage looks like a big L across the southwest of the U.S. and is a convenient celebration and segue for the release of the 3rd Patchworks Mixtape. We thought we would call it “Patchworks Vol. 3”, however the name is still in beta. This will be due out March 5th, and will be accompanied by our Accost of Austin tour that I mentioned earlier. Anyway, as is tradition I will leave you with a list of shows and Netflix suggestions.



– I Think We’re Alone Now


– The Thing


– Ken Burns Baseball

Feb. 7 – The Blue Lagoon w/ Magic Bronson (Elliot Wright + Snackone)
Feb. 12 – The Blue Lagoon – Santa Cruz Cypher
Feb. 15 – The Boom Boom Room – San Francisco w/ The Wicked Mercies
Feb. 17 – The Catalyst w/ Qwel and Maker (Elliot Wright + Snackone)
Feb. 26 – The Blue Lagoon – Santa Cruz Cypher
Mar. 1 – The Blue Lagoon – SXSW Send-off Show w/ Forrest Day

Boom Boom Room in SF with Wicked Mercies onFebruary 15th

Patchworks Vol. 2 Free Streaming/Download

The Catalyst in Santa Cruz (Elliot and Snack one) with Qwel and Maker