Eliquate May Newsletter

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Eliquate May News Letter

Much to my chagrin I did not hear from Mr. A.S. prior to the show at the Milk Bar. I feared that my initial suspicions of this being all an elaborate ruse to obtain my email information were correct, and had all but allowed disappointment to deter me from actually believing in this mystery person.

When we arrived at the Milk Bar I had almost forgotten our email correspondence. Focus that evening was placed on playing well and enjoying the residency of our friends, Solwave. During sound check, I noticed the bartender engaged in a seemingly intense phone conversation that seemed to frustrate and annoy him. Periodically, he would look over at us, implicating that his conversation had something to do with our presence.  After being queued up by Paul the sound guy, I darted over to the bar to see if my suspicions were correct. Sure enough, before I could ask, the bartender informed me that,
“Some guy had just called asking me a bunch of questions about you. He wanted to know if you guys had been fed, and if the package he had sent had arrived.”“Well, what did you tell him?”“I told him we don’t do that kind of thing and that I was busy. He was very polite and seemed generally concerned so I told him I would look around for the package, but I found nothing so I said good bye.”
”“Did he leave a name?”
“Can’t say that he did. Can I get you a drink?”
“No, no thank you. Sorry about that.”

He went back to attending to his other customers and I went back to being thoroughly confused as to what was going on. When it was finally show time, I again expected that this may all end up being nothing and focused on performing. About half way through the set, I noticed a very purposeful man enter the room. The grace with which he moved was only challenged by his sheer mass, and this made him even more distinguishable. He walked directly up to the bartender and, having the bartender’s attention since he entered, was able to convey a message to his ear, hand him an envelope and small box, then slip back out the front door before any facial registration could be achieved. We finished the set and meandered about thanking everyone for coming out, as I did my best not to seem too eager ask the bartender what the man had given him; for all I knew it had nothing to do with me. Solwave managed to put on such a good show that the little exchange had just about slipped my mind until the bartender approached me, handed me a package and said “Some guy handed this to me and said it was really important that I give this to you so, here it is.” My heart jumped as I quickly grabbed an arm full of gear and scurried back to the bus. Inside the envelope, there was a letter penned in almost perfect cursive:

Dear Respective Members of Eliquate,

First allow me to apologize for my absence. It seems that some rather pressing matters have come up that I must attend to in person. I hope you do not read this as any form of disinterest. I sent my friend and associate to deliver this package and I trust by you reading this right now that you have received it. I want to help with the next video and have taken the liberty to speak with Mr. Michael Daniel, and he is very keen on starting as soon as possible. I hope that my gift will enable things to get going a bit quicker. Good luck at Edge of Eden on May 10th, as well as Gift of Gab on May 16th.

Sincerely yours,
Angelo Sherman

By gift I could only assume he meant the small package I had in my hand, so I quickly ripped it open and tilted it to reveal its contents. Into my hand fell a large smooth Russian Doll with rose red cheeks and a blue Revolutionary war general’s uniform. I parted the figurine and there stood a smaller solder that looked more like a private. I Parted it again and found a check with a tiny note attached “I hope this helps.”To be continued…

Upcoming Shows:
5/10 – Santa Cruz, CA w/ Edge of Eden @ UCSC
5/16 – Santa Cruz, CA w/ Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious) @ Moe’s Alley
6/5 – Santa Cruz, CA w/ Blueprint @ Moe’s Alley