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Eliquate - A Chalkboards War Against Erasers Album Art

Many people feel the need to blast the their music to the world, even if they knowingly know that others do not want to hear it. I, myself, am very personal with the music I’ve listened to since I was a kid, due to finding it a source of balance in my life. Rarely do I ever have my music playing through the speakers. When I do, I feel the band or artist has something that needs to be shared with many, and fills the void that will catch the ears of those that normally would groove to the style of music. Recently the group Eliquate from Santa Cruz, CA has had me “blasting” them for all to hear and enjoy.

Eliquate brings indie hip-hop to a level that really has a balance that can bring those who don’t like the genre to enjoy it. While listening to Eliquate’s ‘A Chalkboard’s War Against Erasers’, I feel it delivers a sense of energy and composure that you will be finding yourself bobbing your head to each track played. Elliot Wright (Emcee), Jamie Schnetzler (Guitar), Cosmo Stevens (Bass), and Dan Wells (Drums) has created something so smooth that anyone will be get caught up in jam.

The 13 track album’s has a liveliness that continues from beginning to end that you will not be able to control yourself. Even more so if you are listening to them live which the vigor is brought to a completely different level of its own. This even goes to the ones that would be lingering in the back of the bar. Yes, even you will be finding yourself tapping your foot to each tune that Eliquate brings.

The lyrics delivered by Elliot are understood with such clarity that you will not miss a word, or get lost in translation. While listening you can find yourself thinking that he is speaking to you, or the group of friends that you may be with.  They way he lays out each verse has such a conversational feel that anyone could accidentally speak back as if having a one on one with Elliot. The lyrics really brings a bond and connection to the listener brings a growing friendship with one another.

The music instrumental accompaniment brings something that has a sense of understanding. Eliquate’s music blends so well with the lyrics that it brings an added effect of spirit it brings to the listener. The album shares something that could be found in the music of Atmosphere, and Sublime as well. Each one of these artist have always brought a connection to people that their music lives on. You can easily get the rhythm stuck in your head even if you have not listened to it in days, weeks, or months later. Eliquate is something I would prescribe to a patient that is down in their luck.

A Chalkboard’s War Against Erasers is an album that I could recommend to anyone. Not many artist finds ways that can please all listener types, but Eliquate sure has found a way to do just that. There will be no quiet bystanders in the area when Eliquate is playing. And with summer finally here I would be surprised not to hear them playing while soaking in the sun.

Review Overview

Lyrics – 10
Instrumentals – 10
Production Quality – 10


Roof is on fire!

Summary : I need to go buy new speakers.