Diamonds and Gold (produced by Daniel Hoffman)


Tyler Lorenzi was a kid I went to elementary, and middle school with. He was shy but insanely sweet and kind to everyone. The kind of guy that you know would always do the right thing even if no one else was watching. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we were best friends or anything, but I always really liked the kid, and knew that humanity as a whole was much better off with him on earth.

After middle school, he and I ended up at different high schools, and as it goes we drifted apart. This wasn’t a huge deal, but from time to time I would think about him and take comfort that somewhere out there he was certainly acting with integrity to make the world a better place. In college when Facebook became a thing, I was pleased when he popped up in my feed as a person I may know. Aside from a friend request, for the most part I watched his life from a distance, and usually only thought about him when his name came up in my feed. That is until one day when his name was plastered all over my Facebook, along with condolences and expressions of grief that he had passed away. Apparently he had died in a boating accident and knowing Tyler, he was probably trying to save someone in the process. I took for granted that I would always be able to check on him from a distance, but never took the time to actually see how he was doing, or let him know that I always looked up to him.

Social media had made it really easy to forget that those names, pictures, and status updates are actually people who someday will not be able post anything, or receive a simple message of gratitude that they are alive. I am not writing this to bring anyone down, especially with today’s Holiday and all. I just wanted to remind people to be grateful for the people who mean something to you, and encourage you to let them know before it’s too late. This song, “diamonds and gold,” is a tribute to anyone who may have passed before they had the chance to say “hey man, just wanted you to know that you are awesome.” More importantly it’s a celebration of the people that we are still able to tell that to. Thanks to Daniel Hoffman for producing a perfect beat to accompany this theme, and to every single friend who may be watching from a distance. I want you to know…You are awesome.