ELIQUATE – NEW COUNTRY Raise your hand if you’ve heard of the California Indie band Eliquate. No one? Me either, until I caught wind of their jam “New Country” off their album entitled; ‘A Chalkboard’s War’. The first thing that came to mind when Elliot Wright (Vocals) began rhyming was […]

Eliquate – “Elliot is Untitled” feature on Boogie Board Productions

Eliquate is a live indie / hip hop group based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Simply put they are comprised of Elliot Wright(Emcee), Jamie Schnetzler(Guitar), Cosmo Stevens(Bass), and Dan Wells(Drums). Once they get on stage however, no one stays put and nothing stays simple for long. The band blends the live […]

New Music Video for ‘Elliot is Untitled’

Being an artist is a lot like being Peter Pan, except you can’t fly or fight pirates. Official Music Video for the song “Elliot is Unititled” off of our FREE Patchworks mix tape series. Download them and other musical treats here Video shot on Cannon 7D by Michael Daniel […]

Eliquate May Newsletter

Visit for more Music, Videos, and Show Updates.  View this email in your browser ITUNES / PHYSICAL ALBUM / SOUNDCLOUD Eliquate May News Letter Much to my chagrin I did not hear from Mr. A.S. prior to the show at the Milk Bar. I feared that my initial suspicions of this being all an elaborate […]