January Newsletter

Eliquate Newsletter


Well it’s time to celebrate the first anniversary of the world not ending in 2012. Happy 2014 everybody! Boy do we have news for you. First off, I want to clarify that our show at The Catalyst Atrium on JAN. 25th is in fact all ages (Surfrider Foundation– The Water Concert). Second, we are playing a show at the Catalyst Atrium on JAN 25th that happens to be all ages. Before we get to that, I want to also inform you (the good people of the greater bay area), that we will be playing at Street Science Skate Shop this Saturday (18th) and can’t wait to prove to the world, just how bad we are at skateboarding. We are also proud to announce the Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions will officially commence today, Wednesday the 15th of January, at the Blue Lagoon on Pacific Avenue. Come down and meet other local emcees and do what we do, rap and build community. To find out more dates for future cyphers visit SC Cypher Sessions

Question: Who likes free music? Answer? Everyone. Here at Eliquate we believe the idea that wins is the idea that spreads, and the idea that spreads is typically free. In the spirit of this theme Eliquate is proud to present the Patchworks Collection. A series of E.P’s, featuring a variety of our friends and comrades, released for free on SOUNDCLOUD or BANDCAMP. Volume l and ll are available now. Look for Volume lll to come out in late February.

As always we also have a few shows to invite you to. If you can make it out, it would be great to see you.

1/15 at The Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz) – SC Cypher Session
1/18 at Street Science Skate Shop (Livermore) – Benefit Show
1/25 at The Catalyst Club (Santa Cruz)- Surfrider Foundation – The Water Concert 
1/29 at The Blue Lagoon – (Santa Cruz) SC Cypher Session

And now for a list of Netflix suggestions from Elliot.